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WIFI now available at ALL of our locations. Please ask your server for the password and enjoy.

By Far the BEST BBQ all around wish you all were closer to us thou ---Gin

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Hog Heaven Catering Services

HOG HEAVEN Catering is great for:

  • Corporate Parties
  • Receptions
  • Birthday
  • Backyard Barbecues

Big or Small, We Want 'em All

We can customize your menu choices!

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Prices Effective March 1, 2013

Hog Heaven Catering Prices
Meat By The Pound (Approximately 4 Servings Per Pound)
$10.00 lb. Pulled Pork
$10.00 lb Pulled Chicken
$13.00 lb. Beef Brisket
Does not include BBQ sauce or bun
$4.99 12oz. BBQ - Serves 6
$14.99 1/2 Gallon BBQ - Serves 32
$5.99 12oz. Hot - Serves 6
$19.99 1/2 Gallon Hot - Serves 32
$3.50 Small Buns - Dozen
$9.00 Kaiser Buns - Dozen
Ribs - St. Louis Style
$16.99 Full Rack of Ribs - Serves Approximately 2
$11.99 Half Rack of Ribs - Serves Approximately 1
Hog Sandwich - Includes Pork, Bun and Sauce
$4.50 Small 4oz.
$7.00 Large 8oz.
Pulled Chicken Sandwich - Includes Chicken, Bun and Sauce
$4.50 Small 4oz.
$7.00 Large 8oz.
BBQ'd Chicken Breast Sandwich - Includes Chicken, Bun and Sauce
$7.00 Large 6oz. Breast
BBQ'd Beef Brisket Sandwich - Includes Beef, Bun and Sauce
$4.75 Small 4oz.
$7.50 Large 8oz.
Hamburger - Includes Bun and Condiments
$4.50 Small 4oz.
$6.00 Large 8oz.
Other Meats
$5.00 BBQ'd Boneless Chicken Breast - 6oz.
$8.25 BBQ'd Half Chicken - Can Be Quartered For Additional $.50
$5.50 BBQ'd 1/4 White Chicken
$4.50 BBQ'd 1/4 Dark Chicken
$5.50 BBQ'd Pork Loin Chop - 6oz.
$4.00 Bratwurst - Includes Bun
$2.75 Hot Dog - Includes Bun and Condiments
Wings - Boneless or Traditional
Wing Flavors: Hot, Medium, Extreme, Spicy Garlic, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Hot BBQ, Mississippi Mash, Cajun, Old bay, Sweet & Spicy, Cajun BBQ, Sweet Chili, Honeyque
$69.99 100 Wings
$39.99 50 Wings
Sides By The Pound
$4.50 lb. Sides Serves Approx 4
Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Cajun Rice, Rice Pilaf, Applesauce, Corn, California Medley
$6.50 lb. Sides Serves Approx 3
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Cheesy Potatoes, Baked Rigatoni, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole - Mac and Cheese
$2.25 ea. Tossed Salad - Lettuce, Onion, Cheese, Black Olives and Dressing
Appetizers and Extras
$19.00 lb. Shrimp By the Pound w/Cocktail Sauce
$1.75 ea. Chicken Sticks (2oz.) w/Sauce
$1.00 ea. Hogballs (Meatballs-Large) w/Sauce
$78.00 Meat & Cheese Tray Serves 18-24
$60.00 Cheese & Crackers Tray Serves 15 - 20
$42.00 Vegetable Tray Serves 20 - 25
$6.00 per lb. Fruit Bowl (Seasonal)
$16.00 Cornbread - 24 pc.
$4.80 doz. Dinner Rolls with Butter
$20.00 Gallon of Ranch or Bleu Cheese
$3.00 8oz. Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing
$5.50 16oz. Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing
Side Salads Are Sold By Each Not By The Pound.
Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing Is Extra
$54.00 Cookie Trays - 6 Dozen - Mixture of Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Sugar etc.
$30.00 per Cake NY Cheesecake Cake with Cherries & Whipped Cream
$35.00 per Cake Buckeye Cake
$1.00 ea. Canned Soda or Bottled Water
Other beverage options are available and can be discussed by request.
$10.00 per Gallon Iced Tea
$8.00 per Gallon Lemonade
$16.00 per Gallon Coffee
Catering Extras
$75.00 Grill Charge - If Grilling On Site Is Requested
$15.00 Chaffer Pan Rental For Full Service
$1.40 Full Place Setting - Disposable Knife, Fork and Spoon, Napkin, Salt and Pepper, and Plate
Utensils You Can Keep
$2.50 Tongs
$2.00 Serving Spoons
$18.00 Chaffing Pans
Full Service Charge
Price Figured at 18% of Total Bill unless it is determined that due to the number of servers we will be using an additional amount will need to be added. (This will be discussed with the customer)
Delivery Charges
$1.00 per Mile Round Trip
Thanks for letting us cater your special event. If you were thinking about an item that is not on our catering menu please let us know and we will do all we can to fulfill your request.

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